Economic Freedom in Islamic Countries: a Comparative Analysis


The main feature for the general welfare of individuals and societies is that they are economically free. As the basic elements, such as economic freedom providing the grounds for economic, political and social rights of individuals have an important role in changing and developing the national organizational structures and the organizational structure being thought as effective on social life, the organizational structure has to be analyzed from the point of economic freedom. In this study, having categorized countries into five groups, their states of economic freedom were investigated and tested by linear regression analysis using the method of least squares. The data of 117 countries analyzed were obtained from the official web page of Heritage Foundation. EViews 7.1 was used for the statistical analysis and test. As a result, it has been determined that the organizational structures and the level of economic developments affect the national economic freedom, and Muslim counties have the lowest level of economic freedom.


Freedom Economic Freedom Organizational Economics The Method of Least Squares Regression Analysis