The Effects of Marketing Mix on Consumer Satisfaction: A Literature Review from Islamic Perspective


Customer satisfaction is one of the essential factors for the success of a company. To achieve the high customer satisfaction, companies must know when and how their customers are satisfied about the products and services. Nowadays, different companies follow different types of marketing strategies based on the target market demand. The majority of companies follow a conventional marketing strategy, but some companies choose to follow a religious or spiritual marketing strategy such as the Islamic marketing strategy. Conventional marketing strategies satisfy the customers based on the current needs of the customer, whereas, Islamic marketing strategies satisfy the customers based on the human values, marketing cultures, and Islamic rules and regulations (shariah laws). Apart from conventional marketing strategies, the Islamic marketing strategies more focus on religious rules and ethics which do not exist in conventional marketing. Thus, this study discusses how marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion) influences customer satisfaction from Islamic perspectives and why it is necessary for the consumers.