Integrating Crowd-donating and Islamic Crowd-investing to Achieve SDG#2 towards a Zero Hunger Society in the Post-crisis of the COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic, which hit humankind in late 2019, has immensely affected food-insecure people who are susceptible to chronic hunger. Hundreds of millions of people have already been suffering from hunger and malnutrition even before the virus hit. This has motivated various groups from the society to donate for the provision of food to those below the poverty line. In this regard, crowd-donating has a high potential to assist the affected communities, which will promote the prospect of Islamic crowd-investing in realizing the efforts of increasing food supplies that may reduce hunger. The purposes of this research are, first, to integration the potentials of crowd-donating and Islamic crowd-investing in realising a hunger-free society, and second, to develop the concept of a “one-stop-centre staple food solution” for supporting food sustainability. Systematic literature review research method is used in this study, specifically to review the potentials of crowd-donating and Islamic crowd-investing in reducing the impact of hunger on the society. This research delivers the concept of providing staple food for food-insecure families through crowd-donating, and provides a conceptual overview of establishing a “one-stop-centre staple food solution” through Islamic crowd-investing to supply staple food and enable cheap transactions for people who are prone to hunger. It is hoped that the findings of this study may provide input as the basis for policy makers to create a hunger-free society through potential crowd-donating and Islamic crowd-investing, particularly for handling such a crisis during the current pandemic.