Kamola Bayram

  • Assoc. Prof.
  • KTO Karatay University

Dr. Kamola Bayram stands as an esteemed Associate Professor, acknowledged for her profound mastery within the realm of Islamic Economics and Finance. Presently holding a prestigious position within the Department of Islamic Economics and Finance at KTO Karatay University in Konya, Türkiye. Her remarkable journey encompasses a tenure as an Assistant Professor at the IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF), coupled with a pivotal role as a Project Director at the International Council of Islamic Finance Educators (ICIFE).
Dr. Bayram's impact traverses international boundaries, evidenced by her instrumental training sessions in Islamic Finance across diverse regions, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Her scholarly footprint covers a wide spectrum of articles and chapters, encompassing themes such as Islamic Economics and Finance Education, Islamic Social Finance, Islamic Capital Markets, Wealth Management, Behavioral Finance, and Portfolio Management. Dr. Kamola Bayram as an eminent authority within the discipline, illuminating her as a trailblazer in Islamic Economics and Finance.